Thinking about all of our futures - as of January 19th 2015 we switched to 100% green power supplied by Bull Frog Power.

For your part, through you can choose to make your event here more climate friendly for about $2.00 per guest. We invite you to scroll down to the bottom of this page to see what it might take to offset the travel portion of your wedding or special event (and thank you).

A number of years back we opted to stop allowing plastic water bottles on site. We do understand the importance of consuming water, we simply want our clients to allow us to provide water at no charge in ice-filled containers where they can serve themselves using paper cups (which we will make every effort to recyle). Our 2014 investment in updating our Drinking Water System has resulted in perfect water quality reports this year as mandated by the Health Unit and as tested to be pristine by Caduceon Labs every 6 months.

Fields on West Lake is committed to the environment. We started by 'recycling' our circa 1860's buildings. We continue with careful reuse of our resources. For example although the main floor of our barn had to be replaced, we saved the flooring.  It is now found on the first floor of the barn in our admin office and on your way to Shirley's PDT.  The flooring served its purpose in agriculture for 150 years it contiues to welcome you in 2017.

Our ongoing goal is to decrease our carbon foot print and to adopt sustainable operating methods wherever and whenever possible. In 2008 we decided to stop selling water in individual plastic bottles - in 2017 we are into our 3rd year of clean electricity and have just switched all of our heating (not provided by  green electricity) to natural gas site-wide.

Mark Henry, Lynne Ellis and our families

Make Your Visit Climate Friendly

Fields on West Lake has partnered with Offsetters to help you to reduce the climate impact of your trip to our facility in fact we pay a monthly fee to offset busing to and from your event now.

Offsetters is Canada's premier provider of high quality carbon offsets, investing funds from individuals and organizations in new energy projects with strong climate benefit. It's as simple as entering the size of your party and purchasing high quality carbon offsets.

The whole process takes less than 3 minutes.

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Purchase Offset by clicking the logo below.

If you or your guests will arrive by air, please offset your flight at

For more information about Offsetters and its climate benefitting projects, please click here.