We are very pleased to be able to recommend the following because they have proven; time and again, that they truly understand the needs of our clients - with our closest location just a few minutes to the west - please remember unless you are staying onsite walking to and from your accommodations is something we recommend against - do arrange for a shuttle service:  (With a range of Belleville Hotels offering large group bookings, with lower rates and no minimum night stays; its quite easy to justify hiring a bus service).

In the County

East and Main have a wonderful suite call 613.399.5909 or visit www.pomodoropec.ca/suite-above

The Merrill Inn - Picton
Telephone: (866) 567-5969 Email: merrillinn@bellnet.ca

The Drake Devonshire - Wellington
Telephone: 613.399.3338

Huffs Inn – County Road 1 Bloomfield
Telephone: 866-484-4667 Email: theinn@huffestates.com

Waring House Inn -399 Sandy Hook Road, Picton
Telephone: 800-621-4956 Email: waringhouse@sympatico.ca