Wedding ceremony site options

Dear Readers;

Having been remiss with our blog it seemed a good time to cherry pick ideas from 2014 weddings - just to provide some inspiration. Wedding couples have been married between the barn and what we call the sheepshed.  They have been married in open fields, under apple trees, even on the front steps of the barn - it will be your call - as long as you can make it by about mid-day on your wedding day at the latest!  But generally speaking, we have 5 locations to choose from each with its own unique features - hopefully there is something for everyone. 

But lets assume its raining, or windy or extremely sunny and you are looking for shade.

The sheepshed set-up with wooden chairs, and our birch bark trellis with lights and flowers from Blooms would be a good choice.  Now outside at Amongst the Pines...we allow straw bales (when available) and wooden chairs only at this site.  Its a great location on a windy day as it is sheltered. Here is the view as you cross the bridge to get to the site.

and looking back from Amongst the Pines you have a view of our fountain and just to the right (but out of sight in this image) our barn, sheep shed and Inn.

Our most often used location is the Pondsite where our white plastic chairs, straw bales and folding wooden chairs are all available along with a broad range of decorating ideas limited only by your imagination.

just for comparison's sake now with white chairs

and then with wood

Across the highway we have the Lakeside site.  It is used far less often simply because you have to cross the very busy Loyalist Parkway getting to it and coming back.

and maybe one more photo from the lakeside...this one from very early in May...with the white chairs

As mentioned, any amount of decorating is possible - Blooms does great work and we are very happy to work with your ideas too....

But what if the weather is absolutely crazy?  The barn works well then.  If the past can be our guide, brides have appreciated entering discretely using the caterer's stairs.  They have then waited in the alcove in front of the caterer's kitchen until just the right time...when with their entourage they walk up an aisle through tables (already set-up for the reception) with closest family and friends congregated on about 20 chairs arranged just in front of the stage...where your groom awaits...

So, whatever the weather, inside or out, the wedding can proceed here at Fields on West Lake.



Mark and Lynne