Developments on the farm

Its a chilly Saturday morning and so its a good time to provide a bit of an update about the farm. 

This summer our sheep are going to love what we have done to their building.  Its been washed and the ground has been levelled and given a layer of fine gravel....  There are trees planted all around the building giving the space a great new look.  We will be putting power into the building soon - the idea is to finally have lights in the building - not so the sheep can read but so when we are out there at night it will be easier to get around.

A new trellis is under construction by the pond.  We are excited about this because it will focus activities in and around the barn which is, after all, the focal point of our farm.  Wedding photos will now, more than ever before, capture our near-iconic barn cupola which will be centred directly over wedding parties when they are standing under the trellis.

But back to farming - we are expecting to plant 300 apple trees to the west of the barn in the first few days of May - and Norm has already worked up his garden - the source of much of the best food we serve at dinners, catered by his very talented partner Treena, in the main house.

Its going to be a great year!