Matt and Carries Wedding May 21st

Matt and Carrie got married in St. Lucia 04/04/10.  Their wedding photos made it look like a wonderful spot - well aren't all Sandals resorts wonderful?  A video was played of the wedding.  So when Matt and Carrie showed up wearing the same suit and wedding dress they wore in the Islands, as did much of the wedding party the reception seemed a simple extension of their April wedding.  

Photos lining the walls and a slide show at our bar were great ways of bringing back memories 


Dinner was a sit down affair with a choice of steak, stuffed chicken and sword fish (I had the sword fish and it was great - sometimes as staff we are lucky enough to get fed too!).  Dinner was to have been at 6:30 but the bride and groom arrived later than planned so dinner was almost 30 minutes later than planned - the caterer had been worried but he managed to keep things hot - so it all worked out well.  We heard lots of good comments about Greg Sheridan's food.


A simple red over-lay and flowers from Red Barn floral again demonstrated Lynne and Kailey's sense that less can be more in our circa 1860's barn.


Matt and Carries friends were a great group with most of them staying right until 1 AM when the music was shut off.  Taxis were used with most guests staying in Belleville or at the Waring House and Huffs Estates.  As I write this, the guests we had in our three rooms are just checking out and heading home to Toronto, Burlington and Tennessee.  We served our signature waffles  - like we do most Sundays, with local maple syrup and a fruit compote - I think they enjoyed it - we sure enjoyed having them here. 

Meanwhile Matt and Carrie stayed at the Waring House.  They will be back here shortly - I know we are going to miss this lovely couple - our work is so easy when we have folks like them to work with. 

Matt and Carrie our best wishes - it was a honour.

Cheers from everyone at our end who made this possible - Mark, Lynne, Ron, John, Bethany, Mekenzie, and Kailey!