Allison and Colin's Cocktail wedding August 21st 2011

31. January 2011 20:54

On to the second wedding of the weekend which was completely different from the one the evening before.  This reception was done in a rather spectacular cocktail style.

For this sort of wedding we set up half the usual number of tables and chairs - which is why we can use our premium stainless and the chivari chairs.  No one has a set seat - other than perhaps one or two tables set aside for guests who absolutely need to sit down - most of the time.  Its about celebrating food and good friends - mingling with everyone - not just those at your table.

  A range of soups were served in soup 'shot glasses' this station was very busy.

 But then so was the hot grill station where meats and seafoods were flash grilled - all the activity just seemed to add to the energy that swirled about all evening.

There was a chocolate fountain as well.  Now we truly don't welcome these units because they stain linens permanently and generally create a large mess to clean up.  But having said that, this particular set-up, on plastic, over our linens, worked surprisingly well.

Of course there was another desert table - cocktail style weddings lend themselves well to multiple temptations!

 But not to be forgotten there was a very pretty wedding cake

 and noting the flowers on the cake - they were also found throughout the Hall ...

 and if you are only setting up half the tables you only need half as many flower arrangements. 

Now we know you want to know who the caterer was - we didn't grab their card but many of the team were from the Loyalist College Culinary Arts program...and it seems they will remain a mystery!  In a league of their own; this caterer(s), does not what to be known as a caterer - rather they did it as a favour for Colin and Allison (sigh).  Otherwise, 96 guests consumed 22 bottles of wine and then there was a cash bar.  As happens at cocktail style weddings the evening flew by - we do hope we see more of this sort of event in 2011 - they are fun for us too.

Wishing Colin and Allison all the best, one last time,

Sincerely, Lynne, Kailey, Bethany, John, Ron, Ezzie and Mekenzie, Ellen and Mark



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