Our 3 hour April 15th road trip

17. April 2012 02:02

Dear Readers;

Hmm so what is this all about?  A 3 hour road trip? We know a number of you are looking for things to do when you are here for your wedding.   Yesterday and okay, I will admit it was an impulsive thing, we decided to set out and visit 5 local businesses to see what they were about and if we could recommend them (any or all of them) to you. We got lucky because we decided they are all worth visiting and you can visit them all in just 3 happy hours (starting from Fields).  We started at Gilead 66 Distillery .  Sophia (one of the owners) offered us samples of their hard wheat vodka and their hard rye vodka.  I wanted to try their pine vodka but it had sold out (more is expected by May as is their first gin).  As it was we found ourselves drinking vodka straight at room temperature and loving it!  You will find the hard wheat vodka in our inventory this summer  - for limited consumption - as we will be special ordering a small quantity should you miss visiting on you own.  The distillery will be offering guided tours from May on so you may wish to contact them to set up a time to tour both the distillery and the Carriage House Cooperage Canada's only commercial barrel makers doing it the "old fashioned way" and using local woods and supplies.  They are  located in one of Gilead 66's outbuildings...of course that may throw our 3 hour tour idea off its timetable...we will leave that decision to you. 

But we had to press on.  So we headed north west from the Gilead Road to Wilson Road and the family owned Sugarbush Vineyards. Sally, partnered with her husband, met us and told us that as an Estate vineyard, all of their wines were made with grapes grown on their farm.  We tried a number of wines and if memory serves, their Gamay was really memorable as was a  Riesling/Gewurztraminer but then everything we tried was tasty.  Now if you are interested, they gave us a small pile of complimentary tasting cards good for 3 tastes each! should you be interested in considering their wines for your wedding.  Anyway, as a last comment this winery seemed like such a friendly place you may simply want the chance to relax and enjoy it.  They have a walking trail that takes you into their sugarbush...yet another distraction which would throw off the 3 hour timetable...its up to you.


Feeling quite pleased with ourselves we headed back a street to the Closson Road.  The Old Third Vineyard had just been written up in the Grape Vine Magazine and they have an old barn too. Among billowing linen panels we met one of the partners, Jens.  He offered us their Pinot Noir.  I think its Steam Whistle Beer that has the expression 'do one thing really, really well' and that seems to apply here too.  A lovely wine, we imagined having a rehearsal dinner on their patio...something BBQ'd with lots of their Pinot right there as you looked over their vineyard...

So we were on the Third and simply headed west.  The storied Closson Chase came into view and we had to stop.  There was a classical guitar player, an art exhibit and free food...had we finally arrived?  We loved their Watson Vineyard Chardonnay and their K.W. Pinot Noir and simply being in this place for the first time (and of course maybe as well because this was our 4th round of drinks) we were charmed completely...we will leave it to you to make your own arrangements, but the staff were very accommodating.  

Perhaps we thought, as we went out to the car, we should head back...but no, Prince Edward County's Lavender Farm  was just about 100 metres further west...we had to go.  Met by the owners Rolande Ann and Derek we considered lavender chocolate, smelled soaps and sachets and decided, then and there, we would be offering their products here on the farm.  So when you come, look for their liquid soap in the barn washrooms, and hand soaps in your rooms at the Inn...So you may want to think about visiting this lovely farm too. 

It was 5:30 - we had been out since about 3 PM and had had a wonderful time on a pittance.  Its an easy tour to do - if you need help setting it up we will steer you onto the course and from there you should be fine.  Best wishes and we are truly excited about working with you.



Mark, Lynne and our families of course


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