Winter on the Farm

24. January 2012 16:37

Dear Readers;

Winter is a favourite time of year here on our farm. Its busy enough as we are quickly booking every available weekend this winter for itinerary planning sessions.  But it is also a time for a bit of rest and the chance to look at the property from a different perspective when it is beautifully transformed by snow and ice.  We thought we would share a few winter photos with you - just in case when you visited next we were 'snowless'.

Inside, the Main House is getting some minor updates - we have added a fresh coat of paint to our stairs and expect an influx of paintings...and a new Inn host to take care of your needs while you are here. 

The Carriage House has remained unchanged - as our most popular accommodation choice its most likely where you will stay when you visit with us for your itinerary planning session (unless we have more than one couple with us for the weekend).  If we are seeing more than one couple you may find we will book you into the Black and White Room or the Lilac Room (on the first floor in the house).

Meanwhile, the barn will be undergoing some painting on the front side in April and early May.  For right now its open every weekend for tours.  Our first event of the season 'Maple in the County' will probably see 500 people drop in for waffles.  If you are in the area March 31st or April 1st you may want to drop by for home made waffles, sausages, our cider and local maple syrup.

Back behind the barn, everything was covered with a lovely coating of snow...and then it got warm again!


Ideally we would have had a month of this sort of weather - but here in the County we have had many years when snow was hard to find much of the winter.  Regardless of the winter, the Sheepshed is almost always it is almost always dry during summer rain storms - except during the odd horizontal gale. 

Moving back further our wedding trellis stands out against the snow.


As for the pond - we have seen otters (just tourists it seems) visit recently as its been almost ice free much of the past month


except the cold day I took these photos...still not safe to walk on...


not at the east end...or the west end


But the barn did stand out against the snow from this far end of the pond...


So the winter tour is just about over - except for one last item...we now have a vintage 1952 Ford 8N tractor.  Lynne's been kidding me about finally finding something older than me to drive around the farm.  Not in the least camera shy - this 60 year old 24 hp tractor is available for wedding photo sessions and wagon rides around the farm.   


So there we are - we are certainly gearing up for a great season and looking forward to having you with us.

Cheers then, from Lynne, me and our families




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