Alain and Johanna's May 31st weddding

Dear Readers;

Alain and Johanna were the first to be married at our new wedding site - 'Amongst the Pines'

weather was not an issue.  Guests then headed on to the sheepshed for prepoured champagne

Dinner was served at 630 - East and Main catered expertly family style with the hall set-up as

note the balls are gone - bare lights created a different look - for an additional charge.  A nice look was created at each setting with the following and flowers by Blooms of course

guests found their seats with this innovative seating chart

and the cake table was set-up as below

ith an open bar and East and Main doing late night grilled cheese and everyone drank and ate and drank and ate again - well.

Best wishes to the wedding couple from Pam and John, Kailey and lenna, Libby and Kiersten, Lynne and me

The PECI prom

It was our pleasure to host the one high school in the County's prom.The graduates began to arrive around 5PM.

This was a table full of awards handed out later in the evening - all in good fun.  The 142 guests were seated as shown here

Rob Gardner one of the dedicated teachers at PECI provided the DJ service and along with other key teachers and - even the principal! - assured PECI's class of 2014 a great evening.  Just today we recieved a card of thanks from the Prom Committee (thank you) they said we 'truly made PECI's 2014 prom a night to remember' we simply felt honoured to have been allowed to host this event.

Thank you and best wishes for your futures!


Laura and Richard get married May 24h

Well here we are - its May 24th and the ceremony took place at the pondsite on straw bales before the rains changed our straw bale availability.  In fact it rained that day with us watching doppler radar to see if the wedding would need to be moved inside...or not. Turns out that at 430 the weather changed and all was good.

Peter and Drew did the flowers and after the ceremony Hardryde played great bluegrass to an appreciative crowd - amazing to see a group of this calibre here they set quite the tone for the evening. We served Mill Street Orgainc, Coors Lite and Kronenburg Blanc along with a particularly deadly Grapefruit Martini featuring fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and a simply Rosemary Syrup which seemd to ignite the guests.  The Drake Devonshire made its first appearance here (we expect to see them more).  Matt did alright for his first time here - underlining the fact that experience onsite is an asset.  We served Grange Gamay and Pinot Noir and guests enjoyed an open bar. Our Giant Jenga was a hit but more so was late night with Bob Belsey's Pizza Via. There I go - excited about late night - here was the table set-up

and then we changed the chairs - thank goodenss the 1 PM inspection happened!

easy when you have the time.

Best wishes from Jared and Corey, Elizabeth, Noreen, Kailey, Lynne and me