Mike and Megans Victoria Day weekend wedding

Sunday on the frst great summer weekend of the year and Mike and Megan were maried at the pondsite.

and yes the tractor - Fergie was on the job for photos.  We served a white and red sangria punch along with Coors and Canadian on ice during the cocktail hour.

dinner was served by Bill and Marnie from the Beck and Call along with our house white and red.  An open bar (no shots) followed with pizzas arriving at 1030. Meanwhle guests were signing this lovely chair set.

and with that we most assuredly wish Mike and Megan the very best - cheers Pam and Rob, Kailey and Lenna, Elizabeth and Lynne..and me


The May 17th wedding

Dear Readers;

May 17th was a somewhat emotional affair.  Health issues had played a role in the timing of this wedding. As a result we felt particulary attached to seeing this wedding happen and truly wish only the best to this wonderful couple - okay maybe I am tired and maybe I am getting too emotional....  Guests arrived to champagne and .. sparkling water at this cocktail style event

just one of the stations you could stop at and rest for a sec.  Peter and Drew at Blooms did the floral work with East and Main doing dinner.  We served wines from our bar - an open bar at that  - and with the band featuring many friends of the bridal couple playing through the evening which took on a wonderful life of its own. But I am ahead of myself - the ceremony took place in the barn.

a bit of a cool spring we had extra heat in place

and in this picture we have another view of the set-up


Wishing all the best we were John and Pam, Livvy and Kiersten, Elizabeth and Lynne onh and me...

Allison and Matthews Saturday May 10th wedding

Dear Readers;

May 10th - more than a month ago was a lovely day here.  The ceremony was in the sheepshed.

and then the cocktail hour started between the barn and sheepshed with our giant jenga.

and it worked well - one drink , one piece of jenga moved and so it went.  In the barn the head table was as below

and the tables were ste up as below

everyone found their seats easily enough with this seating chart


dinner was brilliantly prepared by East and Main


their catering trailer has been a huge help for them.  Meanwhile our tractor was employed for the wedding and I always love showing pictures of it

Hmmm distracted by the tractor...dinner was served with Sandbanks Baco Noir and Sauvignon Blanc East and Main did grilled cheese sandwiches as the late night and our Stagepas 500 was used for the dance which was great (because may people stayed late - our best indicator that things went well).


Best wishes to Allison and Matthew from Libby, Lynne, John and Pam, Elizabeth and Me.