Carrie Lynn and Davids October 4th wedding

Dear Readers;

Spring apparently arrived a day or two ago but its minus 10 right now and well, I am guessing we are all wondering when will it really start feeling like spring?!  Maybe its because Easter is so late this year....

October 4th Carrie Lynn and David got married, with Larry Hurley as their officiant, in the sheepshed with our wooden chairs and floral work done by Blooms.

Post ceremony we set-up an outside bar using our wine barrels

Nice to have our own apples - those are Empires - we begin to have our apples and pears available by early September. Our tent was also set-up - it is a $500 option but seems so very civilized when it is set-up between the barn and the sheepshed - and there is still lots of room even with our giant jenga out and ready for play.

Inside the barn the head table was set-up on the stage with 12 seated.

Every one else was seated at round tables after finding where they were seated

a lovely meal was provided by East and Main

close-up on the floral work

We served Case Dea Pinot Gris and the always popular Sandbanks Baco Noir within our open bar package.  Rather than a wedding cake the bride and groom chose to offer a 3 tiered cheese tray filled with many exotic cheeses...but sigh, I have no pictures of it.  They did opt to give all of their guests lavender, rosemary and oatmeal homemade soaps as a thank you.

There was also a candy bar.

Paul Martin was the DJ - Paul generally works the entire day (he does the wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner music and the dance).  You can also hear him doing the news on a few local radio stations - now Paul isn't a tall man but his radio voice is huge!  Late night was our popcorn and the candy bar.  So the evening sped past with guests taking polaroid photos in the photobooth, enjoying the open bar and not worrying about how they were getting home as Carrie Lynn and David had arranged buses with Tripps Unlimited

And we do wish all of our clients the very best - cheers from John and Pam, Kailey and Lenna, Elizabeth and Monica...Lynne and me

Scott and Justine's Saturday September 28th 2013 wedding

Dear Readers;

As it continues to snow outside it seemed an ideal time to revisit the warmer days of late September.  Scott and Justine had their ceremony in the sheepshed at 4:30 with the added touch of having popcorn ready for their guests on arrival.

The bride was escorted down from the barn to enter at the west end of the sheepshed where we had seating for 130.  After the ceremony we had drinks available both in a canoe.

As well we had set-up an outside bar using our locally produced wine barrels and our own straw bales.

Guests mingled under ideal conditions until asked to head in to the barn for dinner.

East and Main catered a reportedly excellent meal. We were set up as follows:

with flowers expertly done by Drew and Peter at Blooms . Here is another angle to see how the tables were set-up with paper runners.

Dinner was to be served at 7:15-7:30 as a fully plated meal.  But to step back one little bit - as guests arrived in the barn they were greeted by a unique seating chart set-up:

stepping back for a larger angled shot:

It is always so appreciated by us to have so many rich personal items to work with  They bring a depth and unique-ness which we value as these items truly differentiate one wedding from another here at Fields.  There was a fun photo-booth - guests seemed to enjoy.

A bit dark - but we had halogens trained on the area to improve the lighting and success of the photos.

Our sound system had driven the wedding ceremony and cocktail hour and speeches - then a band took over and kept the evening going in fine style.

As the evening proceeded East and Main did a well recieved Taco Bar and guests were then invited to enjoy homemade conserves.

They too were well recieved as the evening wound down under what we recall were perfect weather conditions. 

We have just learned that the bride and groom are expecting - a further reason to extend best wishes to Scott and Justine from all of us here - best wishes from:

Pam and John, Monica and Elizabeth, Kailey and Lynne, and Me.


Lounge settings

Dear Readers;

Apparently we have only about 25 days (as of this writing) of winter left but its hard to imagine today with the temperature at minus 14.  But the season is coming and Lynne and Drew from Blooms have tracked down a a few ttems for you to consider - if you are looking for lounge settings either in the barn or perhaps the sheepshed.  But first we have 2 wine barrels which when put together with a table top and straw bales (we normally charge $2 ea. for the straw bales but include as needed for this set-up) makes an excellent outside bar - each barrel is $25 - the full set-up is no extra charge.

One of the three groupings

Note the major items are $25 ea.  the grouping of milk bottles and 3 crates are considered as one item - the set-up is no charge.

And the second grouping (neither grouping is cast in stone - tell us which items you like and we - most likely Lynne and Drew - will arrange the setting).

There is one more vintage sofa setting just in - do contact Lynne if you are interested in any or all of these items for a lounge setting either in the barn or the sheepshed.

All the way back to the wine barrels above below is a bar set-up with the wine barrels - it worked really well!


Cheers and do lets us know if any of these pieces/set-ups strikes your fancy and just in a firs sign of spring grown onsite in Drew and Peters greenhouse - Primula or Hardy Primrose.

All the Best!

Mark and Lynne