Whitney and Andrews Friday June 13th wedding

So this as fun - a local wedding with so many familair faces - such a rare pleasure.  Whitney and Andrew were married at the pondsite in the midst of their guests as follows

we then served Hinterland Champagne and a non alcoholic punch. The Giant Jenga came out again - such a popular diversion from awkward moments with people you rarely see...seriously

 and then everyone moved into the barn which featured blue as a key colour. For examplew we inserted blue paprer balls in between our white ones

and then on the tables

Bill and Marnie at the Beck and Call did dinner beautifully - we served house wines with dinner and guests enjoyed drink tickets. Later on (because it was a local wedding) many more frends celebrated Andrew and Whitney's wedding with Bil and Marnie providing late night sandwiches to everyone still in attendance at 11 PM.

Best wishes from Jared and Corey,Kailey and Lenna, Elizabeth and Kiersten, Lynnne and me


Mid week in the Inn

A departure for us was our first wedding in the Inn.  Married in the barn because of inclement weather, the wedding couple and their 12 guests filled the Hall with their best intentions.

Following the ceremony everyone moved to the Inn  . Blooms working with a Downtown Abbey theme had fun with our dinning room which is filled with circa 1920's antiques.

20s era music played through a dinner of salmon on a plank, BBQ'd chicken. asparagus and roasted baby potatoes

after dnner guests retired to their suites on site - perhaps this would work for you?

Best wishes to the hapy couple from Noreen, Lynne, Susan, Kailey and me


Leah and Peter 's Sunday June 8th wedding

Leah and Peter were married offsite at the incredibly old  White Chapel

The bridal party arrived in a 1941 Cadillac

Blooms did the floral work and Bill and Marnie prepared dinner while guests were invited to go to the bar for wines during dinner

and here is how the Hall looked

simple, lovely, memorable - best wishes from all of us here at Fields