Liz and Robs wedding May 15th 2010

The 2010 wedding season has started and Rob and Liz made it so easy for us to get back into it. Arriving Friday they set up base camps for the guys in Georges place on the water...

 and for the girls...the other side of the road (our side) seemed to work well.  A simple rehearsal dinner in the barn and the weekend was then fully underway.  Saturday was cool - we wondered just how much extra heat it would take to warm the barn up and we wondered too, who would be comfortable for the out of doors, wedding service.  Liz and Lynne conferred and Liz decided the stairs would be a great spot to get married...and that turned out to be a great choice - I simply love the sound you get from speakers set up on the front stairs -the music seems to be all around you...of course if you are shy and don't want to have anyone hear your vows...this may not be the best location for you.


The service over, most of the Rob and Liz's guests moved inside.  It was their first chance to see what Liz had chosen in terms of decorations.


Well, I assume Liz took the lead on this - burlap was used and - funny how such a simple material can look so elegant on ivory linen with ivory linen napkins...of course.  As the wedding guests munched on wonderful appetizers put together by the bridal party and their families, they slowly discovered why they each had two handpainted stones waiting for them at their seats.  I think Liz and Rob must have gone a bit cross-eyed painting all those rocks...but they looked great.  I don't think it was ever formally announced but it was fun to have people discover that their rocks were worth something at the barn...I overheard one gentleman say he felt like Fred Flintstone coming up to the bar with rocks on his hand.


Another unique idea was a backdrop which allowed people to pose with props and a range of facial expressions - seemed like great fun!  I took this picture a bit late - they had decorated it with family photos and flowers and things - it had almost left the barn when I took this shot.


Time passed quickly with a sit down meal followed by well recieved speeches and a great bit of choral singing - and then, before we knew it, the first bus had arrived to take guests back to their hotel at 10:30 PM.  The music played on and we were so pleased to have such a lovely wedding party - doors were opened for us as we carried trays back to the kitchen and bar.  After the wedding ceremony we had all kinds of help stacking chairs even!  Maybe it was because half the group was from Nova Scotia...regardless this first wedding for the year will be one to remember - 2 lovely families came together and we had the honour of being apart of it too!

From our family to Rob and Liz, as they set out in the world together - our best wishes - cheers!


Developments on the farm

Its a chilly Saturday morning and so its a good time to provide a bit of an update about the farm. 

This summer our sheep are going to love what we have done to their building.  Its been washed and the ground has been levelled and given a layer of fine gravel....  There are trees planted all around the building giving the space a great new look.  We will be putting power into the building soon - the idea is to finally have lights in the building - not so the sheep can read but so when we are out there at night it will be easier to get around.

A new trellis is under construction by the pond.  We are excited about this because it will focus activities in and around the barn which is, after all, the focal point of our farm.  Wedding photos will now, more than ever before, capture our near-iconic barn cupola which will be centred directly over wedding parties when they are standing under the trellis.

But back to farming - we are expecting to plant 300 apple trees to the west of the barn in the first few days of May - and Norm has already worked up his garden - the source of much of the best food we serve at dinners, catered by his very talented partner Treena, in the main house.

Its going to be a great year!


Our first entry!

Hi there!  Having never 'blogged' before this is new to us...  That being said we are gearing up for a great 2010 season.  We gave the facility a test run this past weekend with Maple in the County - Lynne doesn't want to see another waffle for at least 11 months - and apparently she feels the same way about sausages.... 

The idea with this page is to update you with developments and our weddings just after they happen. We are going to try to upload one or two pictures to give you a sense changes we have made - our new wedding venue for example and of the events - how they went and then perhaps a paragraph or two where we will highlight what worked...and what may not have (it happens).  Perhaps some of the ideas our clients bring with them will help you - either "i am doing that' or 'now I know never to try that!'.  Either way we hope this finds a readership interested in the exciting, at times complex, and regularly nerve-wracking process of staging events - especially weddings - at Fields on West Lake.  Our first wedding is scheduled for May 15th then to follow virtually every weekend until, at least,  the end of October.  However before then we may showcase our first planned development for 2010 - a new place to get married here - onsite, on our farm.

Cheers for now! Mark (Lynne and Kailey)