Ben and Sheena's Saturday July 20th wedding

Dear Readers;

I was out cutting deadfall wood for our voracious fireplace and woodstove today and nearly froze...this seemed like the time to think about July and how warm it was and then I didn't feel quite so cold. So Ben and Sheena got married at our pondsite.

They had us set out our wooden chairs and had Paul Martin do the music.  Flowers were brought in for the wedding as well as an aisle runner.  There were 10 in the wedding party which kept their photographer Kelly Taylor busy.  The ceremony started at 4 PM followed by champagne in the sheepshed as the first stage of our open bar package.

We also served a lemonade punch made with lemonade, ginger ale, pineapple juice and lemons and limes - which always seems to disappear.  There was a bucket of beer - a very popular option stocked with Coors lite, Keiths and Sapporo Beers.  Meanwhile Earl and Angelos began circulating with their wonderful appetizers while Paul Martin set-up music in the sheepshed as well.  Meanwhile we were set for dinner.

The head table was on the stage.

At the bridal party's request the open bar opened at 5:45 with dinner set for 6:15.  Just before dinner Ben and Sheena had their first dance. It was on the floor between their guests' tables and the head table (I think you can see the area in the picture above).  Wines with dinner were supplied by Casa Dea: their Gamay and Pinot Gregio

The cake was supplied by Katrinas Cakes

Desserts were set-out on the back bar (our wine bar).  Dancing started, the evening progressed and then Earl and Angelos set-out a late night snack at 11-ish.  Buses from Tripps Unlimited started about 11 PM and then again at 1 as the evening drew to a close.

Best wishes from John, Pam, Noreen, Kailey, Lynne, Mark, Elizabeth and thank you!

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Tim and Jaclyn's Saturday July 27th wedding

Dear Readers;

Still cold and snowy out - it seemed like a good time to share Tim and Jacyln's wedding with you. Although Jaclyn is from a very well known dairy farm family north west of Belleville we worked mostly with the couple from their southeastern Australian home in Melbourne - and it was a pleasure working with them even though they were half a world away.  Tim and Jaclyn got married at the pondsite with our folding wooden chairs set out for them. Blooms on West Lake did the floral work (obviously after I took this photo).  The bride and brides maids arrived for their 4:30 wedding in a series of black rented Dodge Chargers - quite an entry!  A three piece string band played before and during the ceremony which started with Mary Higgins (minister from the family's church) officiating.

After the ceremony everyone moved on to the sheepshed where we had pre-poured some mojitos in Mason jars with stripped paper straws (thought you would want to know), Hinterland champagne in flutes, a bucket of beers (Steamwhistle and Barking Squirrel as requested) and lemonade while East and Main arrived with appetizers. We set-up a couple of extra tables - in front of the sheepshed for guests to bask in the wonderful summer weather we had that day.

as well as some groupings in the shade while the DJ for the evening played various selections.  Dinner was to start at 6:45 sharp and we were ready

a lovely, simple sign-in table with one of our ancient (circa 1920) apple crates for gifts sitting under it. The tables were rectangular - a set-up I remain truly partial to...With everyone on the main floor the stage needed some decoration.

while the tables were set as seen below

You can see there were candle chandeliers hanging on each post - supplied by Blooms on West Lake. 

Our bar opened at 5 PM as part of their open bar package with the remaining champagne from the cocktail hour (as it was an extra item outside our bar package) moved to the bar.  Wines during dinner were Sandbanks Baco Noir and Dunes. Blooms on West Lake really did a lovely job with their flowers while Katrinas Cakes supplied the wedding cake (which I somehow missed photographing!)

As 10:30 rolled around Budha Dogshowed up for the late night fare.  They use two little machines and all local products to deliver a great late night option of tiny, tasty, gourmet hot dogs.

Our rooms were full in the Inn so as 1 AM approached we filled up for the night and shuttles took everyone else to a number of our other recommended places to stay...and by 2 AM the caterer, DJ and Budha Dog were gone and the barn was quiet.

Tim and Jaclyn told us just the next day in an email that they had had a '...wonderful day.  Thank you for making it stress free'.  Then after their honeymoon they contacted us again saying 'The day went perfectly, and the feedback we had from guests was it looked amazing and they had a great time'  Good to hear - always

Our best wishes go out to Jaclyn and Tim now enjoying summer in the southern hemisphere - from John and Pam, Noreen and Kailey, Lynne and Me, Elizabeth and Monica - cheers!


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